The scariest dream I’ve ever had

24 Aug

I had this dream when I was 17 years old, shortly after I left high school. It frightened me so badly when I awoke that I couldn’t move from the position I woke up in for what felt like forever, and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. In this dream…

…I am just coming home. I’m not really thinking about where I’ve been, of course. My house is large – about twice as large as in real life, but of course I’m not aware of this difference. I enter, and my living room is filled to the brim with old-style electronics and radio equipment – vacuum tubes, dials, metal cases everywhere, with various people building and fixing things. These things and people are supposed to be there, and so I’m not surprised. Instead, I walk to my room to see what another guy was doing.

My room is covered in much the same electronics equipment. There’s a workbench on the far side of my room opposite the bed, and so to stay out of everyone’s way I sit down on my bed, arms behind me to prop myself up. After a few moments, the guy in my room needs to get something from another room, so he leaves, and I wait.

After a short while, I feel a light gnawing sensation on my right hand – one of my knuckles. Startled, I stand up and turn to look. Lying in my bed, with its head on my pillow, is the torso and head of a man-thing. Its skin wreathes and bubbles in open sores as it gnashes its stiletto teeth, howling in frustration. Shocked, I back away, fearing disease, maybe radiation – but as I retreat I heard its voice fill my head: “TELL ME WHERE IT IS!”

I am still at a loss for what ‘IT’ could have been that this creature was looking for. The voice at the end was perhaps the most frightening part – its pitch began impossibly deep, and ended impossibly high. This is a theme in my really bad nightmares – speech taking place in impossible tones. People usually chuckle at this when they try to imagine it, but for some reason this triggers my fear response pretty hard-core. This was the case on that night, and I’ll never forget it.


Posted by on August 24, 2011 in Dreams


2 responses to “The scariest dream I’ve ever had

  1. Karen Huffman Forbes

    August 24, 2011 at 5:48 pm

    Wow Erik, you usually told me your weird dreams but I don’t remember that one

    • esforbes

      August 24, 2011 at 7:22 pm

      Yeah, I told you about it the next day. You told me I could have woken you up, and I said “Mom, I’m 17, I’m not going to wake you up because of my bad dreams.” Lol


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