Astronomy plans for Sep 16th & 17th

30 Aug

I’m going on a camping trip next month with around 30 or so of my friends in the High Fantasy Society, and I’m going to be bringing the telescope that Chris, Samantha, and Tasha got for me for my birthday. Moon rise will be around 9:30pm, so I’ll probably have to wait a couple hours before it’s visible above the trees, but the plan is to stay up as late as I can, viewing and sketching the moon’s surface. I’ve never done this before, so it’ll be exciting to see what I can see. According to an interactive sky chart I’ve found, Jupiter will be just to the right of the moon as well – hopefully I’ll be able to spot it through the scope.

I’m going to want a few things before the camping trip. Obviously the telescope – I would also like to have a good pair of binoculars as well. I’m looking into getting these Barska 10x50mm binoculars, for which I’ve read good reviews. I’ll also need a compass, and a pen and some paper. I’m going to try sketching what I see – from what I’ve read sketching your observations helps train you to pick out fine details, which I might otherwise miss. I don’t expect works of art, but I’ll post them here nonetheless after I’ve scanned them.

As for a plan: I’m going to wing it a bit. I’ll be sticking with the moon, though I’ll also try and catch Jupiter as well – possibly some of its moons. I don’t know what I’ll see through this scope, but my hopes are high.

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