The Judge is dead; long live The Judge

07 Sep

Monday, my computer (which we affectionately named ‘The Judge’) died, a victim of BIOS flashing gone wrong.

Honestly I’m not really sure what went wrong. I downloaded a new BIOS rom, hoping to add some extra functionality in the way of USB device booting. The mobo’s flash utility appeared to work correctly – it flashed, then verified, and said all was well. Upon reboot, however, the computer did not post. Nothing I tried got it booting again – removing the CMOS battery, setting the CMOS clear jumper, using the recovery utility – nothing. A new motherboard is in order.

My mom was going to buy me a pair of $90 binoculars for my birthday. It would have been really great to have them out at the campsite on the 16th. Instead, I had her order me a $90 motherboard replacement. I’ve still got the telescope, so I’m sure we’ll be in for some awesome sights – but it really does bum me out that I won’t have the binoculars until I’m able to save up. The new motherboard is due to arrive tomorrow, so it won’t be long before I’m back up and running.

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