Monday Musings

12 Sep

Actually on Monday this time!

The Judge is back online, after a quick motherboard transplant. I reformatted the boot drive, got Win7 installed again, and everything’s gravy. Runs better than it did before, but I attribute that to the reformat, not the new motherboard.

I’ve been feeling my old self again lately, which does not make me happy. I’ve been wondering when this was going to happen, to be honest – I go through these swings every now and then when I’ll want to change everything about me all at once, and when that fails to happen, I start slipping back into old patterns. Part of the problem is that the Vyvanse pretty much has almost no effect now – the only time I really notice a difference is when there are no distractions around, or when I don’t take it and everything distracts me. Yesterday I had forgotten to take it in the morning, and by around 11:00 I was so scatterbrained it was obvious to Tasha that I hadn’t taken it. I ended up taking it around noon just to get back to ‘normal.’ It doesn’t help much at work anymore. I expect Dr. F to up the dose when I talk to him Thursday.

Tasha and I worked on our budget yesterday. We selected a bunch of spending categories that we wanted to try and put a limit on spending on, and came up with what we think is a good budget for cutting out unnecessary expenses from our lives. Last month we spent almost $200 on¬†restaurants – this month we’ve set ourselves a budget of half this amount. We did the same with most of the categories we chose to work on. While it feels good to have a plan, the real work will come throughout the month, as we try to *stick* to the budget we’ve made ourselves.

Last night wasn’t a very good night for astronomy – heavy cloud cover obscured pretty much everything, and I was too tired to consider waiting for clearer skies. Plus with the full moon, there wouldn’t be much to see anyway – most of the stars would be outshone, and even the moon itself would make a poor target without some sort of optical filter on my scope. The night before, I got up around 3am hoping to catch a clearer glimpse of Jupiter, and while I did spot the planet with its telltale cloud bands, I didn’t get any more out of it than I did on the previous night. Plus I could only spot two of the moons – I didn’t look, as I was exhausted, but I’m pretty sure the other two were hidden behind or in the glare of the planet.

I’ve continued working on my concepts for a hack-free EverHarvest. I don’t know how far I’ll get with this, or if the fruits of my work will be useful, but you don’t know if you don’t try, right? Besides, maybe this work will be useful elsewhere. I have a knack for building things in a modular fashion, and if I can abstract EQ2 sufficiently out of the equation, I can use this technique for other games and environments.

My real job has been difficult so far today. It’s been a challenge to stay on task – I’m supposed to be rewriting the client-side communications code for my priority project, but I’m blocking on it. Not sure why. Network code is tedious, and trying to shoe-horn an always-connected system into the place of a more simple message-passing system is trying my patience. If I had the time I’d rewrite most of this code. Hell, I’d like nothing more than to rewrite the whole damn thing, but that’s not going to happen any time soon. Maybe increment 3? Bleh.

I’m looking forward to camping this weekend. Or, I was… It’s looking like crap weather. Just my luck it’ll be all clouds the whole weekend, right? Can’t do anything about that – I’ll be bringing the telescope anyway – but it’ll be disappointing.

Overall today’s just been a bag of blah.

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