Monday Musings

19 Sep

Almost forgot about my musings!

Spent all last weekend at Givhans, the summary of the trip I’ve begun posting already. The weather’s been cloudy, so no astronomy this weekend, but the temperature was perfect for camping and strenuous outdoor activity, so I won’t complain. I might complain about the banana spiders, though.

I’ve got to be more careful about my food intake. Saturday was a rough day, mostly because I didn’t really eat… I woke up late, so I took a half-dose of Vyvanse (I took one of the spare 20mg pills I have left since my doctor upped my dose), and I figured it wouldn’t tank my appetite, but it did. I can count on one hand the number of things I ate before Feast, and halfway through the day I crashed hard. It was right after a period of intense fighting, so I’m not really surprised, but it sure put a damper on my ability to stay in character.

Yesterday, I skipped the Vyvanse altogether, and ended up pigging out… I haven’t eaten that much in a day for maybe three months, and it is definitely taking its toll on me today. My stomach and intestines had been doing little squirmy dances all night last night, and today my abdomen is very sore. Not unbearable, but I do wish I could divorce myself from my lower half, just for the day.

This Monday is also the first day of the crazy work travel schedule that’s been rolled out. I was granted a bit of a reprieve from the travel – I’ll be gone for one week instead of two – but only because someone was needed to take care of all the support requests for all the projects being left behind by my co-workers. Consequently, my board is looking a little full, and it’s only just begun. At least it gives me something to do, and charge numbers to work on! Also I’ve been given the go-ahead to work overtime, which means more money in my pocket at the end of the day. Yaay!

I’m not looking forward to the week of work to come after this one. I travel to Alabama, where the living is cheap and so is the per diem. =( Only a week stay, but I have a lot to do to prepare, and no real guidance as to what’s expected of me when I get there. I’m used to this though – almost all of my travel has been last-minute notice with no instructions prior to arrival. At least they got the notice part down… For now…

Back to the spiders. Everywhere, while we were camping, there were giant orb-weaver spiders (colloquially called Banana Spiders around here) in the middle of their giant webs. Massive things – apparently not terribly dangerous, but they can and do bite, causing skin irritation and blisters similar to very bad mosquito bites. How do I know this? I’m covered in their bites right now. I’ve got maybe 20 bites total, on my arms, legs, back, stomach, and chest, with a couple on my neck and feet. Very itchy.

And that’s about it for this week’s musings. Till next time. =)

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