Meds Update

22 Sep

It’s been a while since I really discussed how the meds I’m taking affect me day to day.

The Vyvanse is still effective at 50mg, a week into my new dose. This is a definite improvement over the second week at the 20mg dose. I have focus when I need it, and have been getting a ton of work done at the office – very helpful lately considering how much work there is to do! It’s pretty crazy, but I digress: the Vyvanse is a winner for me. We’ll see how it continues to ride on through the rest of the month, as I don’t see Dr. Fermo until late next month when my Vyvanse runs out.

The Latuda is more difficult to tell with. Dr. Fermo started me out on 20mg of it, which is technically a half dose. At my appointment last week, he prescribed a month’s worth at 40mg, but didn’t tell me whether I should stop splitting the pills in half or not. A couple nights ago, I was having some mood swing issues, which the Latuda is supposed to help stop, and I realized that I’d been having the same sort of issue (to one degree or another depending on circumstances) every night around the same time. I decided then to start taking the full 40mg pill, and two days in I think it’s helped. I don’t believe the strength of the drug’s effect on me has changed, but the duration has increased to cover my entire waking day.

As far as side effects go, the Vyvanse is almost all good. The only trouble I have left is that I clench my teeth while I work, which tends to either cause or exacerbate headaches. I’ve been trying to be more mindful of this clenching tendency, and to correct it when it occurs. My appetite is slowly returning to normal, as I have been actually getting hungry again.

Latuda’s only major side effect for me anymore is that I have difficulty getting up in the mornings. The next morning after I took my first full dose, I slept in until 8am, and was incredibly drowsy for the first half hour (until the Vyvanse kicked in). I’m still experiencing a lack of hypnagogic imagery, but it’s not hurting my ability to sleep as much as it did when I first took it.

Over all, I’ve been pleased with the performance of these two medications, and would recommend anyone trying them out to stick with them and follow your doctor’s recommendations. Also, I think awareness is the key to maximizing these drugs’ benefit, so do yourself a favor and try to be aware of what your body and mind are doing while you’re taking them.

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One response to “Meds Update

  1. Alan Morgan

    September 22, 2011 at 5:07 pm

    Glad to hear things are working out for you. I’m playing the medication game myself, which I’ve been posting about on my LJ/DW. Hope things continue to work for you!


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