My hospital visit

23 Sep
My First IV

My First IV

For the past couple of days, my abdominal area has been bothering me a bit. No pain, really, just mild discomfort in my guts. Last night, however, I was rinsing some dishes in preparation for washing them, and as I leaned my front side against the counter in front of the sink, I felt an incredibly unpleasant sliding sensation in my groin coupled with a brief flare of hot pain in the same area.

I stopped rinsing and sat down in the war room, figuring I had put too much pressure on my groin and needed to take it easy for a few minutes. I called Tasha in and asked her to help me see what was wrong.

Upon inspection, we noticed that the left side of my groin region was slightly larger than the right, and with some gentle probing with my fingers I discovered the cause – I have a hernia, and my intestines were shifting around in the cavity it had created. This was the source of the unpleasant feeling, and the brief moment of pain must have been my intestinal wall giving way.

I was pretty scared at this point – I have seen laproscopic hernia repair done on the Health Channel, and I know they’re fairly routine – but there can be some pretty serious complications, to include bowel obstruction, strangulation of the intestines, invasion into the scrotum – all seriously scary prospects to consider. So Tasha and I decide to go to the Emergency Room at Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital.

Upon arrival, I gave my information and was in a room within 10 minutes, changing into my fancy hospital gown. You know, the kind with all the rear ventilation? I laid down on the bed, raised my legs into a position that didn’t make me think my guts were going to come streaming out of me, and waited.

There isn’t much to discuss, really. Long story short, I have an inguinal hernia. My RN (who was amazing, by the way, though I can’t remember her name – she was very friendly and knew her stuff) told me that she didn’t think the hernia was serious enough for a CT scan, and after some introspection I agreed with her. They want me to take it easy for a week, do no lifting, no strenuous activity of any kind, then make an appointment with my primary care physician and get it checked out.

So that’s what I know. It was difficult getting to sleep last night because every time I found a comfortable position, my guts would rearrange themselves and start hurting on that spot. This morning, upon waking, I felt like someone had been punching me in the gut a few days prior – that’s the sort of soreness I’ve got. I haven’t felt much of yesterday’s discomfort, so I think it’s inflamed and swelling (thus shrinking the hole too small for my intestines). My trip to Alabama has been canceled, too, which is bittersweet because while I’m glad I don’t have to leave, I was really looking forward to the overtime pay and the per diem pay. Ah well.


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2 responses to “My hospital visit

  1. blobguy

    September 24, 2011 at 12:17 am

    I don’t know much about how the human body works or what hernias are, but you’ve made it clear that you’re in a lot of pain right now. I hope you start feeling better as soon as possible, man. Of all the people I’ve met, you’re certainly among those who don’t deserve this kind of pain.


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