Monday Musings

10 Oct

Well crap. I had a bunch written about my hernia, my work schedule, and my worries thereof, but my computer locked up, and WordPress hadn’t saved a draft of it yet, so it’s lost. Long story short: next week is my surgery, I’ll be missing 22 hours from my week because of it, and I’m going to try and work overtime the following week to make up for it. I should have plenty of work to do. My co-workers are being shuffled off of development work and onto other projects, and I get the work they’re leaving behind.

The remainder of this week will be overtaken with clouds and rain, as expected, but it’s supposed to start clearing around Thursday. Saturday and Sunday are supposed to be clear, which is great since this weekend is our next HFS camping event. I’ll be bringing the telescope out to observe the waning gibbous moon, Jupiter, and the Milky Way in general. I’m also going to be identifying constellations and stars by planisphere.

I took the weekend off from my Vyvanse. This was the first break I’ve had since I started taking the drug. I functioned, but I was definitely far more scatterbrained than I have been in a month. I spent long periods of time idly thinking random thoughts, but nothing productive. I’d like to say I enjoyed my lack of structure, but honestly it just feels like wasted time. I probably won’t do that very often, as mentally I was almost totally useless.

I’m feeling kinda blah today. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s the weather?

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