24 Oct

A tic is not a blood-sucking parasite, but rather an involuntary muscle movement or vocalization. They are repetitive in nature, typically without any rhythm, and range in severity from incredibly minor to extreme. ADHD medication like Vyvanse list tics as potential side effects, and I can say that I’ve been affected with a pair of mild tics.

One thing I do is clench my teeth involuntarily. I can stop myself if I’m thinking about it, but I can only keep this up for so long when I’m doing anything brain-heavy (like working). It’s not constant – rather, I alternate the sides of my mouth – clench left, clench right – at about one cycle per second.

Linked to the teeth-clenching tic is another one; I flex the muscles that bring my toes together, in time with my teeth-clenching. One foot, then the other, at the same rate, although the order is flipped. If I clench on the left side of my jaw, then I’m flexing with the toes on the right foot, and back again.

I don’t always manifest these tics at the same time. The clenching happens less often than the toe flexing, but I think this is because the clenching is more noticeable to me.

Neither of these tics were present before I started the Vyvanse, but both of these remained when I was off the Vyvanse during my surgery recovery week. Maybe a week isn’t long enough to get the Vyvanse out of my system – my experience so far today (with my return to Vyvanse having not caused the other side effects I anticipated) seems to bear that out. I don’t know whether the tics were lessened at all – I simply wasn’t paying attention.

That’s another possibility I hadn’t really considered until now – I may well have had these tics for far longer than the Vyvanse, but now I’m paying attention. Tasha does the toe flexing thing while she sleeps, and she says she didn’t start doing that until her relationship with Brandon, who does the same thing. Maybe tics are contagious?

I have had a clenching problem for a long time. I have a bad TMJ disorder that we believe was caused by clenching. It was never like this though – alternating side to side. That’s new, and strange enough to warrant my interest. I should probably discuss this with Dr. Fermo.

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