Monday Musings

07 Nov

Time for another installment of Monday Musings, wherein I discuss whatever pops to mind. This week’s concerns: my ongoing post-surgery recovery, my brief homecoming this weekend, and work.

I tried going home last weekend. It didn’t go very well body-wise, and I’ve since decided that I’m going back to my mom’s for at least another week. Just being around the kids is tough on my body – I’ve been moving a lot more than I’m used to, and I don’t think my body’s quite up to it. I need to ease in to moving around more, I’m sure of it.

The biggest problem of late has been the left side of my hip. It’s constantly sore. It feels like it may be slightly out of joint, like the way my arm felt when I first joined HFS – within minutes of activity it would feel exactly the way my hip feels now, and that turned out to be a slight dislocation. I don’t know how to fix this on my own other than to stretch and contort it back into place. This is difficult though because such movements stretch at the site of my surgery, pulling the stitching and making the whole thing inflamed.

To make matters worse, yesterday Kaylee was lying with me on the war room bed, just hanging out with me. She decided to move from one side of me to the other, and to do that she climbed over top of me. She put her hand on my abdomen, directly where the mesh was installed, and pressed almost all of her weight down on me. It hurt so bad and surprised me so much that I yelled out. I scared Kaylee – she thought I was mad at her – but I was able to calm her down while my abdomen continued screaming… I don’t think she hurt me, but it sure wasn’t pleasant. Not at all.

So I’m going back to my mom’s this evening. I’m sad. I was really looking forward to coming home, and being a productive member of society again. I did clean up the kitchen when I arrived. It was a pretty solid mess, and took be a couple of days to actually finish, but I was able to do that much. Of course it was all undone in a matter of hours, but that’s life with 3 adults and 3 little kids.


I spent a good deal of time with the kids, this weekend. Caspian is talking so much, and he’s made great progress. He’s very polite, as well – he is willing to ask for what he wants, and he says Please and Thank You. He says Sorry when he bumps into you or hurts you in some accidental way (the way 2 year olds tend to do) – and you can tell he’s honestly apologetic. He’s really turning into a person, and already he’s the kind of person I love being around.

Kaylee is… Kaylee. =P She and I are like kindred spirits, we’re so much alike. She’s a loner, perfectly content to roam around the back yard looking at weeds and flowers and bugs by herself, talking to them as if they were her constant friends. She relishes her alone time, like I did when I was a kid. In many ways this worries me; I don’t want her to be a loner. It’s important to her success as an adult that she be comfortable in social settings, and if she’s anything like me this will be a constant source of frustration for her. I was never pushed to be social, and so I was never forced to overcome these issues early.

Scarlett is incredibly bright. I mean, this kid will go places, if we can help her find something she’s passionate about. She’s interested in many, many things, of course, but I’ve never seen her dive into something. Maybe we’re not giving her enough to work with? We keep talking about putting her in some sort of activity, but we haven’t really looked into it yet. We need to make this a priority as soon as we’re able.


I may have made a mistake today. I left my Vyvanse at my mom’s house, and decided this morning to skip the dose since I didn’t want to be late by doubling-back to get my meds. Probably a mistake, like I said, because I’m finding it inordinately difficult to concentrate on anything I want to get done. For example I keep finding myself jumping between work, writing this post, reading something, or other thoughts before I’m done with any of these. Consequently there are a bunch of open browser windows, a bunch of half-written code, and this post is taking much longer to write than normal.

This is a bad week for this, too – some of my co-workers are out in our remote field testing lab, trying to help me get our system up and running with the most recent versions of everything. Also, things are shaking up locally regarding the versions of my software being released in the field, and I’m going to be called upon to defend my position that we should concentrate on having only one version of the software in use everywhere. It’s a position my bosses agree with, but it hasn’t been working so well in practice.

I’ll be back at my mom’s tonight, though, so tomorrow I’ll have my Vyvanse and be good to go.

This version of the LDE expects version 2.2 of the PLC software, the most recent Rhino Reader firmware, and the original stock Rhino Service running on the ACP. 

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