Monday Musings

12 Dec

I took last week off from the blog so I could concentrate on the training I was taking. Not much of note happened anyway. =P Herein I discuss finances and as usual some thoughts on astronomy.

I spent last week in Frisco, TX training on some software I’ll be working on at some point after the new year. It was cold and windy, and I didn’t see much of the sky at all. I did have one moment when we were walking back to the rental car at the end of the day when I could see Jupiter, Venus, and either Mercury or Saturn, but I’m not certain on that last one. Overall it was a fun trip, but I’m happy to be back.


This morning I was feeling really down about the telescope I want to own. It’s on sale right now – $300 for a 6″ telescope with extra eyepieces and a bunch of astronomer swag that I could really use – an actual planisphere, a red light LED flashlight, a few other interesting bits. With all of this I could continue to improve my observations, and maybe even do a little simple astrophotography with the iPhone. They make a telescope adapter for it that I’ll definitely want when the time comes.

The problem is that the time isn’t coming for a while. I can save about $25 a paycheck – that’s the allowance Ta and I have given ourselves for personal use. Assuming the sale will end after Christmas, then the cost will be about $400. Saving at a rate of $25 a paycheck, that’ll take 16 paychecks – that’s 8 months. Ugh.

I can live with waiting that long, but all kinds of crap keeps coming up that makes even this piddly amount per paycheck seem impossible. Medical bills, car expenses, other debt I’m trying to get rid of. I have no idea how I’m going to make life continue to function, let alone save for something non-essential. We’ve eaten pretty far into our buffer with Christmas (planned) and health expenses (unplanned), so this week especially and the next several months are going to be tight as we recover.

When I get home today I’m going to take another look at my house’s finances and see if there isn’t something I can do to reduce things. Already my eye is on the Comcast bill – that’s $160 a month we pay, and only about $50 of that is Internet related. It’s great having the TV and phone but, when we’re in a pinch like this, the niceties have to go.

Ultimately, though, I need to find a new source of income. Even just a few hundred a month would be helpful – hugely so – and so I’m going to be brainstorming on that for a while. Anyone with suggestions is urged to come forward!


My hernia nightmare is almost completely over now, I think. I had only one day last week where my hernia surgery presented an issue, and that was following my co-worker M through Wal-Mart after picking up a new coat. He walks naturally fast, and I had a little difficulty keeping up as my side hurt a little bit – but it wasn’t anything I couldn’t shrug off. Aside from that I get the occasional twinge of pain or discomfort – this will probably stay with me for a while – but again it’s nothing worth complaining about.

I spent most of the weekend I’ve been home playing with the kids. I had a great time, and it felt awesome just to be able to throw them around, wrestle with them, get beat up – all without having to stop and rest ’cause my groin hurt.

I think I’m ready to get out and start fighting at HFS again. Looking forward to that. I would have gone this weekend, but I was still getting back into the swing of being back from travel, and didn’t want to complicate things by accidentally injuring myself. Next week will be better for that. 😉 Also I think there will be a camp event coming up soon that I’ll definitely want to be a part of.

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