Monday Musings: Holiday Review

28 Dec

Monday came and went without Musings, but I was at least thinking about it. =) If I keep this up though I’ll need to rename my series! Anyway, the holidays are behind us now – with the exception of Tasha’s birthday and New Years – and our family survived, despite stress and anxiety, to enjoy another year. =) Herein I discuss our Christmas, and my plans for the house this upcoming year.

Forearm Cast
Somehow I see this in
my son’s future…

Christmas this year was particularly stressful. Somehow we managed to get a serious boatload of stuff for the kids – not really excessive, mind you, but definitely their biggest Christmas yet – and they were very happy with their new gifts. Of the kids gifts, my favorite would have to be Caspian’s skateboard.

Yes, my two-year-old has a skateboard. We’re picking up pads and a helmet online, so for now he doesn’t use it without someone close by, but already he can propel himself around the driveway without assistance. When he falls he doesn’t make a fuss about it – just gets back up and tries again.

Financially we did alright. We spent a bit more on Christmas than I would have ordinarily liked, but we had a series of fortunate financial events that provided for a little extra – so we took advantage. Maybe we should have saved it, but this is probably the last ‘stuff’ Christmas the kids are going to get for a while as we begin the transition into a leaner lifestyle.


Giant Drier
Seriously, why?

What I’d like to do is this: take a complete inventory of everything in the house, then make two lists – Keep and Toss. Everything on the Toss list would get removed from the house in some way or another – yard sale, eBay, county dump, etc. Once everything on the Toss list has been, well, tossed, we’ll make another pass through the Keep list, eyeing to keep only the necessities and not the niceties. Anything that doesn’t make the cut goes on a new Toss list, and the process repeats itself until we’re down to only what we need to survive.

This won’t happen overnight, obviously – the inventory process alone will take a couple weeks, as I’ll be working on my off-time and we have a ginormous house. [Ginormous is a word according to Google Chrome’s dictionary – interesting…] I suspect the full process won’t be finalized for at least a year, and even after that it will be ongoing as our family tends to collect an awful lot of stuff.

Which reminds me – unless we’ve told you we’ll store your stuff for you, consider anything of yours in my house lost unless you pick it up before I’ve Tossed it. I’m serious – I’m not holding onto the community’s random crap anymore, as I’ve got plenty of my own to deal with. Also please don’t ask us to store your stuff anymore. Ta and I have a hard time telling people No, so I’d rather not have to in the first place. Please don’t ask.


For next time…

Last night we took the kids to see the Festival of Lights at James Island County Park. Despite the forgotten marshmallows, I had a great time – we drove through the park, and the kids oooh‘d and ahhh‘d at every light display. They had some creative ones – almost everything animated in some way.

The display that stood out for me the most was the bridge display – they had a very well-done display of the new Arthur Ravanel Jr. Bridge – a cable-stayed bridge – and it would fade out to a display of the old Grace Memorial bridge that it replaced. Very pretty and well-done; I miss the old bridge, but only a little – it needed to go.

We stopped at the concession area – temporarily named ‘Santa’s Village’ or something like that – and walked through some of the pedestrian-only light displays. Caspian went completely bonkers during our walk – he stayed with us very well, but for the entire time he was on his feet, he couldn’t just walk – he did this sort of excited jig instead. =P I want to hook that kid up to a generator and power stuff with his kid-energy. =P

We also paid $5 for a ride on the carousel. We all rode it – Ta and Lorna stood with Caspian and Kaylee, while I rode on top of a zebra, next to Scarlett who rode a racing pony. Caspian couldn’t get enough – literally. When the ride was over he pitched the most pristine fit I’ve seen from him in public. =) That’s two-year-olds though.

Everyone enjoyed themselves (although Kaylee will deny any fun took place at all, of course), and we’ll probably go back next year – with marshmallows!

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  1. karen Forbes

    December 28, 2011 at 6:04 pm

    Kaylee is so funny and I’m not surprised at Caspian’s reaction.


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