ASMR Triggers

02 Apr

Just a small list of my own ASMR triggers, for anyone curious. I’ll be adding to this list as I discover / remember more of them, but I think I’ve got the basics covered.

At some point I’m going to go back over this list and describe the typical response manifestation – not all triggers are equal for me.


  • Someone lightly touching / playing with my hair on the back of my head
  • The feel of someone lightly whispering into, breathing into, or touching one of my ears
  • Lightly flexing the muscles of my soft palate
    • Yawning (which flexes the muscles of the soft palate)
  • Humming deeply and loudly for a minute or so
  • A cool, light breeze.


  • Red sparkly things (glass, cut stones, anything that gives off glints of red light)
  • Audio ‘Visualizations’ – especially rainbow-colored or flashy/sparkly
  • high-saturation rainbow-colored graphics


  • lightly tapping plastic on glass
  • Music:
    • Banjo music and similar instruments
    • Dramatic, emotional music
    • Some techno – anything pingy or tappy
    • Dévo’s harmonic bass style
  • plastic beads clicking together


  • Thinking about past ASMR episodes and ASMR triggers
  • Watching someone else experience an ASMR episode (I put this under Mental instead of Visual because it isn’t the image that’s important. It’s more like co-experiencing, rather than watching.)
  • Experiencing sudden, unexpected positive emotions
    • Realizations that strike me as profound and important
    • Sudden bursts of nostalgia
    • Thinking about the scale of the universe

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2 responses to “ASMR Triggers

  1. ASMRelax

    April 22, 2012 at 11:40 am

    I’ll just leave this here:


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