Oh man

12 Feb

First: I know nothing for sure yet, so please, nobody freak out.

I occasionally smell things that aren’t there. It’ll happen maybe three or four times in a week’s time, then it won’t for like 6 months. Usually these phantom smells are incredibly nostalgic, as if I’m smelling something I haven’t since my early childhood. Last night for example I could smell those large toy erasers kids put on their pencils, and the smell brought back memories of kindergarten.

Occasionally these smells will be like nothing I’ve experienced, and those are usually not very pleasant. Since high school I’ve had recurring (rare, thankfully) dreams wherein I will bite into something, and a horrible “chemical” smell will … be associated with it (I’m having trouble finding the right words) – and the smell (or maybe a very strong memory of the smell?) will stick with me for days. It’s always the same smell, too.

Also, occasionally, I will have the sensation that my lower jaw and mouth are way, way larger than they really are. I mean, like cartoonishly large – down-to-my-belly-button large. Sometimes I’ll feel like my teeth or tongue are huge or in the way – not in an anxious ‘omg choking’ sort of way, but just “hey you’ve got these big things in your mouth, wtf?” Particles of food will feel this way on my tongue sometimes too.

Rarely, I’ll have the feeling that something is coming out of my mouth. Dunno what, just something – it usually manifests in my dreams as bony appendages shooting out of my mouth from my throat. I’ve used this in a D&D game before – I even think that’s how I described it. “Bony appendages.” This hasn’t happened in a good while. At least a couple years.

Lately, things have gotten strange. I can’t think of a good way to explain or describe this, but my experience of the color blue has changed. Not all blues – dark blues or grey blues or light blues are mostly the same, but ==BLUE== is different. ==TEAL== is different too. Different how? I don’t know. Just different – to the point where it pops out almost like neon when I see it.

My psychiatrist says these sound like ‘organic’ symptoms – as opposed I assume to neurochemical ones – and wants me to see my primary care doctor about it. He didn’t say ‘tumor’ or ‘stroke’ but.. It’s not like I’ve never considered that I might have something anatomically wrong with my brain, but I never really considered it, you know, seriously.

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One response to “Oh man

  1. Morgan Blackthorne

    February 12, 2013 at 2:26 pm

    Wishing you light and luck, Erik.


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